The Southern Rock Lobster Fishery

The South Australian Northern Zone Rock Lobster Fisherman’s association actively promotes and safeguards the Southern Rock Lobster Jasus edwardsii industry, and the interests of the members of this Association.

The Association is a representative body for the licence holders of the Northern Zone of the Southern Rock Lobster fishery to State and/or Commonwealth Fisheries Departments and any other organisations.

PIRSA have a dedicated section on their website that details the regulations that apply to Rock Lobster Fishers as well as the Management Plan that contains the Fisheries Harvest Strategy.


Fast Facts About the Rock Lobster Fishery

  • Species scientific name: Jasus edwardsii
  • The Rock Lobster industry in South Australia contributes around $88 million per annum to the South Australian Economy. (Econsearch Report 2015/16)
  • The value of output generated directly in South Australia and the Eyre and Western region by Northern Zone Rock Lobster fishing enterprises was $25.0 million in 2015/16 while output in South Australia by associated downstream activities (processing, transport, retail/food services and capital expenditure) summed to $18.3 million.
  • Flow-on effects to other sectors of the state economy added another $45.2 million in output ($23.0 million in the regional economy).
  • The industry generated 353 Full Time jobs, 213 of these being regional (full supply chain, Econsearch Report 2015/16).
  • In 2015/16 the South Australian Northern Zone Rock Lobster Fishery itself was responsible for the direct employment of around 102 full-time equivalents (fte) and downstream activities created employment of around 90 fte jobs state-wide. Flow-on business activity was estimated to generate a further 161 fte jobs statewide (87 jobs regionally). Further to this it is a significant employer in coastal regional communities. Over 90 % of the revenue from the state’s Rock Lobster Industry is from export of live lobster to China.
  • Combined direct and flow-on effects / output in 2009/10 from the fishery were in excess of $240 million worth of economic activity to the State.
  • 63 South Australian Northern Zone Rock Lobster Licences
  • 39 active fishing vessels in 2017/18 season
  • SANZRLFA harvest is approximately 18% of Australia’s total Jasus edwardsii harvest

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