The Northern Zone Rock Lobster Fishery (NZRLF) includes all South Australian marine waters between the mouth of the Murray River and the Western Australian border.

The Rock Lobster Fishery is an important commercial fishery in South Australia, with a significant impact on regional South Australia.

Operating out of a large number of ports along the coastline. The Fishery contributes significantly to the state economy and is one of the largest commercial fisheries in South Australia based on Gross Value of Product. The Fishery is also an important recreational fishery, contributing to the overall well-being of many South Australians.

The industry is proud to be a member of the States Seafood Industry Peak Body, Wildcatch Fisheries SA.


Management Structure

The Rock Lobster Fishery Management Advisory Committee (RLFMAC) was established in 2012 across the Northern and Southern Zones, to facilitate independent, objective & expertise based fishery management decision making, guided largely by the Harvest Strategies that are located in the Management Plan for the fishery. The RLFMAC is responsible for developing and providing recommendations regarding management of the fishery to the Minister for Agriculture, Food & Fisheries.

The committee is comprised of representatives from both the Northern and Southern Zones, Recreational Sector, Conservation Sector, PIRSA, SARDI and has an independent chair. Observers from Fisheries Compliance also participate in meetings.

The SANZRLFA Management Committee consists of a President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, three port Fisherman’s Rep Members, one elected General Member, and an Independent Chair and the Association’s Executive Officer.

One representatives from the Association is appointed to SARLAC by the Management Committee. Two representatives from the Association are voted onto the SARLAC board by its Associate Members (NZ Licence Holders).

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