Annual General Meeting 2015

On Friday 4th of September 2015 the AGM for the SANZRLFA was held at the Port Lincoln Hotel.

Guest Speaker Ian Plowman, who flew to Port Lincoln from Brisbane to attend, presented some of the findings from the FRDC project Healthy Industry Associations and Leadership Succession (2011.410). Ian provided some ideas and truths about effective industry associations. The association thanks Ian for his presentation, in particular the executive committee who have already implemented some of his suggestions for improvement.

The attendance was exceptional and it was a perfect opportunity for Kyri Toumazos to updated all members about ‘the year that was,’ in particular the work that PIRSA, SARDI, the Research Subcommittee of the Rock Lobster Fishery MAC, the Harvest Strategy Working group and the Executive Committee had done to ensure that the new Harvest Strategy was in place by the beginning of November 2015.

The association also welcomed Ross Hodge who presented on the Clean Green Program, Justin Phillips who gave an update from SARLAC and SRL, Annabel Jones, who presented on the successes the fishery has had during the year from the fisheries manager’s perspective and Adrian Linnane who presented the stock status report from the 2014/2015 season.

The day concluded with a dinner at the Boston Bay Winery, the food was sensational and everyone celebrated the 2014/2015 fishing season. It was fantastic to see so many people travel to be in attendance.

Kyri Toumazos presents on 'the year that was.'

Kyri Toumazos presents on ‘the year that was.’

Rob Kerin - SARLAC Chair, introduces himself to the SANZRLFA association members.

Rob Kerin – SARLAC Chair, introduces himself to the SANZRLFA association members.