A Focus on Sustainability

Southern Rock Lobster are distributed widely across Southern Australia and are one of our most sought after seafood delicacies. To ensure the long-term health of our Rock Lobster stocks there are a number of rules that apply to Rock Lobster fishing.

The South Australian coastal waters are divided into two zones for the purpose of fishing for rock lobster:

Southern zone: from longitude 139°0’4.80” east to the Victorian border
Northern zone: from longitude 139°0’4.80” west to the West Australian border, including Kangaroo Island



Female lobsters carrying eggs are totally protected and must be returned to the water immediately.

Commercial fishers fish with a ‘pot’ gear type demonstrated as having negligible levels of environmental impact. (benign fishing practice).

Marine Parks

The development of the South Australian Marine Parks Network & relevant marine parks in Commonwealth waters (South East & South West Marine Regions) is the single biggest issue the industry has faced.

South Australia draws the line on Marine Parks

Clean Green Program

The fishery developed and adopted its own standard of industry best practice for rock lobster fishing – the ‘Clean Green Program’. This standard covers environmental, OH&S, product quality, food safety & animal welfare aspects & is independently third party accredited and audited each year.

Fact Sheet – A day in the life of a Clean Green Fisherman.