New Educational Fact Sheets

Southern Rock Lobster Ltd (peak industry body for Southern Rock Lobster in Australia) has recently updated its library of fact sheets available for download. Click for more information about Southern Rock Lobster Ltd.

There are now fact 7 sheets available;

  • Fact Sheet 1 – The Life of a Southern Rock Lobster

From a tiny egg to a 5Kg Lobster the life of a Southern Rock Lobster is a great story undertaken in the pristine waters of South Eastern Australia.

  • Fact Sheet 2 – Southern Rock Lobster a Proud and Successful Fishery

In some states the commercial Rock Lobster industry is nearing 150 years old and still going strong. This Fact sheets captures both the history and the management of the fishery over this long period.

  • Fact Sheet 3 – A Day in the Life of a Clean Green Fisherman

The Clean Green program is a third party audited product standard unique to the Australian Southern Rock Lobster Fishery. This Fact sheet describes a day’s fishing operations on a Clean green certified fishing vessel.

  • Fact Sheet 4 – From Pot to Plate

From “Pot to Plate” every step is carefully managed to ensure a Premium Fine Dining Experience

  • Fact Sheet 5 – Bountiful Harvest, Thriving Economy

Highly sought after by international markets the Australian Southern Rock Lobster fishery not only generates important export income for Australia, but also contributes significantly to many rural economies in coastal regions of south east Australia.

  • Fact Sheet 6 – Buying and Cooking Your Rock Lobster

If you are going to treat yourself or your family to a feed of Lobster it is important to know how to choose a live quality specimen and the best methods for preparing it.

  • Exotic Lobster on Shoestring

Being arguably the world’s premium seafood ensures lobster is not an everyday food commodity this Fact sheets provides some recipe options to make your lobster meal stretch a bit further.